Finanicial Roadshow

Getting Results From Your Investor Meetings

Generate Higher ROI from Your Equity Marketing

Equity marketing consumes valuable management time. No doubt about it. In this guide, we examine the various investor and analyst meeting formats and discuss strategies to make your investment in them more productive.

Whether your objective is broadening your investor base, changing perceptions, increasing coverage or improving ratings, you need to deliver the right content and message for each audience to drive productive discussion.

Topics Include:

  • The importance of pre-meeting audience insight
  • Considerations in content selection
  • How to prepare for the buy-side one-on-one
  • How to handle small group meetings when you can’t identify the participants in advance
  • How to stand out at Industry conferences
  • How to measure the success of your Company-hosted investor-day

Download the Guide to get an in-depth look at the meeting formats and learn how you can increase the return you see from each.


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