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Your presentation is your key tool for communicating your value proposition to the financial community, for guiding the discussion and for providing the proof points to support your investment thesis. To be effective, it needs to position and differentiate you to help you stand out in a competitive field. And, it needs to be tailored for each opportunity based on the audience’s knowledge of your story, their investment criteria, the meeting format and time allotment.

Financial audiences reward companies with compelling value propositions professionally presented. At Financial Roadshow, we partner with you to develop a compelling corporate presentation to deliver against targeted communication objectives to ensure you maximize each opportunity to stand out.

Financial Roadshow Presentation Development Serives

Deliver a Presentation Investors will Appreciate

Win the Approval of Demanding  Audiences

Win the Approval of Demanding

With a presentation that clearly and succinctly
communicates your value proposition
Shape Perceptions

Shape / Reshape Perceptions

With an effective messaging strategy

Improve Your Meeting

With the right flow and content for the
audience and meeting format
Distinguish your team

Distinguish Your Team

With a professional, updated, and custom powerpoint
templates and graphics
Create Buy In

Engender Buy-in of Your
Investment Thesis

With the right proof points effectively illustrated
Uptake and Analysis

Improve Understanding

With information design that
improves uptake and analysis

 Our Presentation Development Services Include


Strategic Messaging Development




Custom Slide Design

Experienced Financial Presentation Development
Services for

  • Industry conferences
  • Non-deal roadshow one-on-ones
  • Small group meetings
  • Investor days
  • Due diligence reviews
  • Quarterly earnings 
  • Board of Directors meetings
  • Shareholder meetings
  • M&A transactions
  • IPOs
  • Follow on offerings
  • Debt offerings 
  • Keynotes
  • Customer presentations
  • Sales meetings

Financial Roadshow™ Investor Day Services

For when you have their undivided attention.


Home Investor Day




Home Investor Day 3-1


I first used Financial Roadshow almost 20 years ago to create a presentation for a technology IPO. They were doing things with presentations that no one else had even considered. Everyone on the deal from a seasoned management team, to the bankers to the investors were blown away by the presentation they developed. Since then, I have used them for numerous presentations and other communications for investor audiences. My advice is run, don't walk to use them.

Todd Ruelle, CEO
Fine Point Technologies

Insights from the Road

 Take your presentation 
 from good to great


We've put together a list with the essentials to giving a great presentation to help you stand out from the pack.
Take Your Presentation From Good To Great

Key considerations when
planning your investor day


Check out answers to the key questions we receive from companies hosting an investor day.
Investor Day Relations

The surge in infographics in
Street communications


The use of infographics in investor communications has exploded. We discuss why and how to you’ll want to use them.
Surge of Infographics

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